A New York City judge issued a warrant for Dash's arrest in court on Wednesday (29Apr15), when the rap boss failed to show for a child support debt meeting with ex-wife Rachel Roy, who claims he owes her $342,000 (£228,000).

Dash has since claimed he was never notified of the hearing and called his ex-wife's attorney a "piece of s**t," for reportedly playing dirty.

He said, "I don't know what's really going on, but like I told you, they started cheating... I never got the dates or times to come back to the court. I never got served anything."

Dash went on to blast his ex on Instagram.com in a series of messages.

In one caption to a photo featuring Dash teaching one of his daughters how to ride a bike, he writes, "What kind of mother would separate her kids from a good father who protects them and takes care of them in every way and would try to put them in jail over money... Lawyers and emotional women are a dangerous thing for good dads and good children and must be stopped... I'm gonna fight for mine they need me... but what kind of person does that?"

Commenting on the posts, his daughter Ava responds, "what kind of father would embarass (sic) his daughter and her mother like this (on) social media?"

She adds, "you brought this upon yourself... please stop playing the victim".

Following her comments, Ava posted a grab of her Instagram page, showing her dad is no longer following her and wrote, "when your dad says he loves you but then blocks you from his page & erases your comments bc (because) of your opinion".