Damon Albarn thinks a new Blur album would be ''interesting''.

The group - who have been largely defunct since 2003, apart from a series of one-off shows in 2009 - haven't released a record since 2003's 'Think Tank' and so the singer is curious to see the type of new music they would come up with as their influences are now so different.

He said: ''If we were to make another record, bearing in mind it's been a long time now since we did anything....

''Although, it's kind of weird how it's placed as a current thing when we haven't done anything for more than 10 years. And there's been, for everybody, an awful lot of water Under The Bridge, so if we were to do anything - although there are no plans - it would be interesting to see where it would arrive at, because it would be very different, I imagine.''

Damon - who is joined in Blur by Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - thinks the world is ''unrecognisable'' since the group last released an album.

He told Shortlist magazine: ''I just think it would be [different]. Everybody is 10 years older. The world is, in many ways, unrecognisable.

''The pre-internet world that Blur existed in is gone, it's finished.''

Blur will perform in London's Hyde Park in August.