Damon Albarn is working on a solo album.

The Blur frontman has confirmed he has joined forced with XL Records chief Richard Russell for the record and believes it is his input which will prevent the finished piece from becoming a ''disaster'', as well an enabling Damon to focus more on the creative side.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: ''I've been making [the album] with Richard Russell. We worked together on the Bobby Womack record, and really enjoy working together.

''He's done spectacularly well as a music mogul, but I think he wants to focus his energy on producing records. Making a solo record is can be such a disaster, so I thought if we're going to make a record with my name on it, I should get someone to really produce it - take that responsibility away from myself.

''Richard does the kind of rhythmic side of it and I do everything else. It's sort of folk soul.''

Blur - which also includes bass player Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree - are currently in the midst of touring the globe and although some of the band's greatest hits, such as 'Song 2' and 'Park Life', were written over a decade ago, Damon still enjoys the kick he gets out of them while performing life.

He added: ''I enjoy playing them. A lot of the songs were quite dystopian in their worldview. And a lot of that stuff is much more pressing now than it was then. It seemed like the future then, and now it just seems like every day. So I can kind of get into it.''