Damon Albarn believes he has “accidently” eaten monkey and dog whilst on tour.

The Blur frontman has suspicions that he has eaten exotic meats during his travels across the globe, including forbidden food to Westerners like the two animals.

Speaking to comedian Alan Carr on his Life's A Beach podcast, he spilled: "I might have eaten dog in Korea, but I think I’ve also accidentally eaten monkey in Nigeria. I was given this pepper soup and this little hand kind of floated to the top. I didn’t mean to!"

The ‘Parklife’ hitmaker also went on to reveal the "weirdest” dish he had sampled was at a "frog speciality restaurant" in China, which had unusual slaughtering methods.

The Gorillaz founder said: "I think the weirdest thing I was served up was in the middle of China and it was a frog speciality restaurant.”

He went on: “A waiter came out with a plastic bowl of live frogs and said choose your frog ... I put my fingers into the bowl and pulled out this frog and he immediately threw it on the pavement and knocked it out.”

Damon, 53, also detailed his time living in Iceland where he consumed seal, cured and roasted ram’s head and fermented shark that was “buried in the ground, p***** on and left for six months"

He asserted that his adventurous taste buds come from trying to have an “open” view on trying new foods and embracing new cultures.

Damon said: “Be open and don’t judge other people’s cultures and try and embrace them while you’re there.”

As well as having a broad view on food, Damon is also a keen cook, and he recently explained to Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe that he "actually cut his finger off last Christmas Eve" as he was making homemade pesto.

He said: "I actually cut my finger off last Christmas Eve. I was making a pesto, and I had a hand blender and I just made it. I thought, 'Hmm, that looks good.' But instead of just tasting a bit from the bowl, I decided to stick my finger into the blender, pick it up, and press the button.

"I put it in, pressed the button. Then I had to pull it out, and it completely severed. This was on Christmas Eve.

"So I went to Paddington A&E and they said, 'There's nothing we can do for you. We'll clean it up, but it's going to be at least 10 days.'

"I said, 'I'm a pianist. I need my finger back.' Anyway, a fantastic surgeon ... was found on Christmas Day, and on Boxing Day, I got it sewed back on."