In all of BBC Radio’s 90 years, there has only been one scheduled simultaneous broadcast; in 1922 for the British Broadcasting Company’s first ever radio-wave outing. Now, 90 years later, Damon Albarn heads another in honour of the British Broadcasting Corporation, as they’re now known.

Reaching an estimated 80 million listeners, the show was hosted by BBC Radio 2's Simon Mayo from London's Science Museum at 5.33pm today (Nov, 14) and features iconic sounds such as Bertrand Russell in Morse code."There is a special musicality to some of the vocal messages, which I tried to preserve," Albarn told the BBC about the commemorative show. "Added to that, I got to do what I've always wanted - to play along with the pips." Albarn also chose to include a famous quote from philosopher Bertrand Russell: "Love is wise, hatred is foolish." Tim Boon, head of research and public history at the Science Museum, said: "The first broadcast by the 2LO 90 years ago marked the moment when radio moved from the realm of the 'amateur enthusiast' to the first proper public broadcasting service in Britain. "This exhibition takes visitors back to a time when everything, from the technology to the content of the programmes was still new."

The Science Museum is marking the 90th anniversary of BBC Radio with a display featuring part of the original 2LO transmitter.