Review of Heavy Seas Of Love Single by Damon Albarn

He's well-traversed in various genres of music, from his history with Britpop success Blur and experimental virtual project Gorillaz, to his collaborative African music project, but Damon Albarn has finally ventured into solo territory with his debut album 'Everyday Robots'.

Damon Albarn Heavy Seas Of Love Single

If his single 'Heavy Seas Of Love' is anything to go by, it doesn't necessarily feel like Albarn's treading new uncharted lands. For example, as much as 'Everyday Robots' is classed as his first solo album, the single is one of several to feature special guests. It has to be said, though, the addition of Brian Eno's low-pitched vocals and, of course, The Leytonstone City Mission Choir has added some rich depth to it.

There's strong piano, light guitar and a twinkling synthesiser behind a steady rhythm giving it cinematic, multi-layered vibe without overdoing it with a complicated melody. Indeed, like most simple melodies, it is indomitably catchy which can rarely be a bad thing with Albarn. The stand-out feature is the gospel-like choral harmonies that elevate the song, but don't engulf the listener.

Overall, it's a little underwhelming and, while you'll probably find yourself humming it at some point during the rest of day, it's hardly the most explosive track on the album. On the other hand, 'Heavy Seas Of Love' is a love song without the mushiness and a powerful tune without the volume which is what makes it so charming.


Holly Williams

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