Review of Caught In The Trees Album by Damien Jurado

Read our review for the album 'Caught In The Trees' by Damien Jurado released on Secretly Canadian.

Damien Jurado Caught In The Trees Album

There’s a few singer-songwriter's singer-songwriter and Damien Jurado is most certainly is one of them. He’s got a very loyal set of fans and doesn’t usually pay much attention to what the market is asking for other than to produce records he is happy with. Jurado can rock as had as Nirvana or write hushed and reflective tracks both with just as much soul however different.

Jurado's 9th album is titled ‘Caught In The Trees’ and it most closely recollects ‘Where Shall You Take Me?’ and it’s full of his trademark vocals and brilliantly honed if read, they could quite easily be seen as a poem or short story. Jurado has gone for more of an electronic edge with this new album, less rocking moment but still using it to intensify certain parts.

On the whole this is a lovely album full of typical Damien Jurado songs, hopefully it’ll bring him a few more fans.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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