Damian Lewis' children are unimpressed by his role in 'Homeland'.

Although the British actor has won an Emmy award for his portrayal of former prisoner of war Nicholas Brody, his daughter Manon, six and son Gulliver, five, think their mother Helen McCrory is cooler because she starred as Narcissa Malfoy in the 'Harry Potter' movies.

Damian said: ''Helen was in 'Harry Potter' and they've been to the 'Harry Potter' set.''

While Damian spends five months of the year filming in North Carolina, Helen remains in London with the children and Damian relies on Skype to keep in touch with his kids and his wife.

He told People magazine: ''It's not a sob story because we film through the summer vacation so they come over for two months and we all hang out. But there's still a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to make it all work. Thank God for Skype, it's a godsend.

''When I do get home I love just sitting on the floor of the playroom and playing. My little guy likes to set up figures and have a battle. Castles attack castles or cowboys versus aliens. And we all just hang out.''