Review of Toeachizown Album by Dam-Funk

Dam-Funk's Album Review for Toeachizown

Dam-Funk Toeachizown Album

Damon Riddick aka Dam Funk releases his debut album 'Toeachizown' on Stones Throw Records. Dam Funk has been hailed as the ambassador of 'boogie' essentially post disco funk music that lies in between disco and P-Funk. Hailing from LA he likes to term his music as 'modern-funk' and certainly has been instrumental in keeping this synth sound alive through the G-Funk era of hip hop and heads like Norman Jay respect Dam Funk's contribution. All I can say is that I LOVE this debut album.

If you're a lover of funk you will surely like this and it's definite testament to Dam Funk for keeping so close to the mark. The sounds are so P-Funk and space aged yet so sunshine smooth and laid back you can't help but feel good listening to this. It doesn't sound intense yet the layers of old recording techniques keep it old school but the sound is contemporary too due to the modern feel and a bit of help from Peanut Butter Wolf on production. Tracks like 'Mirrors', '(My Funk Goes) On & On and 'Keep Lookin 2 The Sky' truly hit the mark for me and there's loads of smooth numbers and outer space vibrations to make it cosmic. There's sweetness and soul too. Awesome!

'Toeachizown' is an absolute gem! I've constantly been playing it and it sounds good every time. Its obvious there's been much though put into it. It's so smooth, easy going and drops into the groove like all good funk should. It's has a modern sophistication to keep it pimp yet high class and great sounds and production to keep it fresh. Modern Funk has never been so good with all the boogie for you to get down to and simplicity to keep it effective. Excellent stuff!

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