Ben and Kate cancelled? Yep, you read it right, Ben and Kate has effectively been cancelled. Despite being praised critically when it first aired last year, Ben and Kate has now been pulled from its Tuesday evening comedy time slot by ABC, effectively cancelling the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ben and Kate is the family sitcom which sees Kate's (Dakota Jonson) brother Ben (Nat Faxon) move in with her to help her out looking after her 6 year old daughter. Along the way, Kate thanks her brother by giving him a dose of organisation and reality. Having garnered a fairly loyal following, its ratings just don't match up to the other comedies airing around it, forcing ABCto pull the series. Pulling it, in many ways, doesn't actually spell the end of a series, however to be cut off so abruptly implies that it isn't simply going on hiatus. James Van Der Beek, one of the show's stars, tweeted: "Sad to say ABC has pulled #Apt23 and will not be airing the 8 remaining episodes any time soon. Translation: we've basically been cancelled." While a little crestfallen, he thanked fans and looked to the future: "Thanks to all who tuned in. We had a blast making it. Can't imagine a more fun work environment with better people. But onto the next..." 

ABCare playing it safe with its replacement, by showing reruns of the very popular Raising Hope, which slots in well with the rest of the night's viewing of Hell's Kitchen and then New Girl and The Mindy Project.