Dakota Johnson doesn't feel the need to ''flaunt'' herself on the internet.

The 30-year-old actress - who is in a relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - ''values'' her privacy far more than promoting herself so tries to keep as much of her personal life private as she can.

She explained: ''It's much more important to me to protect my privacy and my personal life than it is for me to market myself. I value my life. I also really value my relationships and I respect them. I don't need to flaunt myself on the internet.''

Despite coming from a famous family, Dakota - whose father is actor Don Johnson - insisted she isn't acting on advice from her mother Melanie Griffith or grandmother Tippi Hedren.

Speaking in OK! magazine, she said: ''My mother is very much on Instagram and so is my grandmother. They don't have this problem. I have a problem. This is just me.''

The 'High Note' actress admitted she has a ''complicated'' relationship with fame because while she feels ''lucky'', it's also ''difficult'' for her to deal with the attention.

She added: ''There's an aspect of my job that is part of it, so I respect it and I'm grateful for the success of my career so far - but it's a complicated topic for me.

''I'm both lucky and I also find it difficult. It's really hard.

''I think it becomes a lot easier when you stay out of the way because fame is like a lot of mosquito nose in the background. When I was growing up, social media didn't exist and that's when I learned about fame.

''My parents were famous people, but it was a really different version of fame back then. It was very physical. It was very loud.''