Dakota Fanning never thought she would end up "performing in lingerie".

The actress - who plays Cherie Currie in 'The Runaways', based on the 70s girl band of the same name - loved working on the role but was shocked with how outrageous the costumes for her rock-chick character would be.

She said: "I really liked that I was 15 when we filmed it, and Currie was 15 and seeing what a different time I've grown up in and thinking, 'I could probably never do this, I could probably never be on my own and on the road and performing in lingerie.' "That corset is kind of how she expressed herself, and for Cherie, the way she expressed her sexuality was to wear that corset and to be the cherry bomb."

The actress - now aged 16 - has played a number of child characters since she rose to fame in 2001 with 'I Am Sam'.

However, Dakota is thrilled about getting older and working on a new selection of roles.

She added in an interview with USA Today newspaper: "A lot of people still think of me as young, and as the girl from 'I Am Sam', or whatever.

"After this, I might be able to do different things. As you get older, there are roles you can no longer do and so many more things you can do."