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Dear sweet angel,you have something that people can not buy and that is a good haert full of love.There is a song that i think of every time i see your movie(MAN ON FIRE).Your guardian angel by the RJA.I would love to be your bodyguard one day.Keep smiling

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by D Snyman

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Dakota Fanning is one of the greatest actresses since the days of Judy Garland.She has captured the hearts of many.Dakota Fanning is that good if a movie was made and it was'nt that interesting remake the film put Dakota in it and she will make all the difference.

Posted 13 years 2 months ago by col

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Dakota Fanning you are the greatest and most passionate actress ever to hit hollywood,you cryed real tears in I am Sam,Dreamer and in Up Town Girls and not to mention Hide and seek.Showing emotion in acting means that you can really act.I cryed seeing you cry and now you've stole my heart a 1000 times over and now my heart you have for ever.Your movies Dreamer,Charlotte's Web,Uptown Girls,I Am Sam and the Cat in the Hat I watch at least once a week without miss.Dakota you are the superstar of hollywood you are what makes movies worth watching.A star you are,you are indeed,A Star.

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by col

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Dakota Fanning is the best actress but not only that!If i had to choose my little sweet heart little daughter,i would choose her without no hesitation!!! She is the most wonderfull little girl i've ever seen!!!GOD BLESS YOU DAKOTA AND PROTECT YOU ALL YOUR LIFE AND KEEP BEEING SO ALIVE AND FULL OF JOY AND MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY IN THEIR HEART!!!!I follow everything you do very closely and i have all your movies and all your interviews and when i feel unhappy,i listen to them and it makes me feel really better just listening and looking at you the way you are!!! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING DAKOTA!!! BYE!! BYE!! SERGE!!

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by pico 740

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