Daisy Lowe had "meltdowns" about feeling like a "massive tree trunk".

The 22-year-old beauty says it has taken her several years to be comfortable with her curvaceous figure and though she knows she isn't fat, Daisy admits she can't help but feel big next to slimmer models.

She said: "It has taken me seven years to get to the point where I can be comfortable with not being as thin as the rest of them.

"The public can say, 'It's really cool that you're not conforming to this anorexic ideal', but then I still have to go and stand next to all of the other girls. I'm not saying that I am big, but when you stand next to a beanpole, you're going to look like a massive tree trunk.

"Literally, it's only in the past six months that I've come to terms with it. Before then...it was hard. I used to have private meltdowns all the time."

The stylish star - whose parents are fashion designer Pearl Lowe and rocker Gavin Rossdale - also admitted when she isn't working, she loves to wear the clothes of her actor boyfriend Matt Smith, particularly when he is away filming as they make her feel closer to him.

She told the July issue of InStyle magazine: "He dresses really well. I love his style."