Daisy Lowe only wears high heels on ''special occasions''.

The 24-year-old actress-and-model loves shoe shopping but has to resist the urge to splash out on raised footwear because they make her ''tower'' over her pals as she is naturally tall.

She said: ''I can't resist a good pair of heels, but they're never a great buy for me. Because I'm tall, I don't like to tower and so I only wear them for special occasions. I also like dancing and so, for me, flats are easier.''

Daisy is often front row at London Fashion Week and says she finds herself dreaming about the couture collections she sees on the runway.

She enthused: ''Because I see the shows early I have 'falling in love' moments. This season it was with Saint Laurent. I didn't sleep for thinking about it. I wanted the knitted cape so badly, I bought it from the online store at five in the morning and I've worn it non-stop since.''

The brunette beauty also loves shopping with her mother so she can get a second opinion on her choices.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''I like to shop with my mum or my friend Jonah so I can get a second opinion. I really enjoy the creative process of shopping. I am an ad-hoc shopper, I love everything from vintage to high street to high end. Liberty and Browns are two of my favourite stores.''