Daisy Lowe wants to make the most of her time with her ill grandfather by documenting their precious ''moments'' in photos.

The English model has always been ''obsessed'' with taking pictures and the importance of capturing memories has taken on greater significance for her because her beloved grandpa is unwell.

Daisy - whose mother is Pearl Lowe and father is Bush singer Gavin Rossdale - told the Metro newspaper: ''My grandpa hasn't been well recently, so it's been nice to take pictures of the family together and have those moments documented.''

The brunette beauty also ensures she gets her images printed off because she hates to only store her images digitally.

The 26-year-old star said: ''I send them to get printed because I like having a physical copy.''

As well as capturing special family moments, Daisy also likes to take lots of photos when she is travelling.

She said: ''My goal is to see as much of the planet as possible, so I love taking pictures when I travel ... Even when I'm in London I'm a big fan of walking around and seeing what I can see.''