Daisy Lowe is bad at taking selfies.

The 26-year-old model is used to having her picture taken for fashion shoots and by her legion of admirers, but admits she's no good when it comes to taking a selfie.

She said: ''I'm not great at taking them. I take them in the mirror and end up with a picture of the back of my phone.''

And even with the advice of her make-up artist, Daisy still hasn't got the hang of the increasingly-popular type of photograph.

She told Metro newspaper: ''My make-up artist always says, 'Never be anywhere with overhead lighting or side lighting. Never take pictures in a changing room either.''

When asked if pouting was essential, she confessed: ''No, I'm more of a dorky smiler, unfortunately.''

Despite her poor selfie technique, Daisy admitted she has a love of photography and is an avid user of the photo-sharing website Instagram.

The brunette beauty said: ''I love looking at images so Instagram is my favourite.''

She also thinks it's important to follow people who ''make you feel good'' or ''teach you things'', and she advised: ''Rihanna is always great to follow.''