Daisy Lowe will be dressing up as a Sexy Santa for Christmas.

The British model has shared her festive secrets in a new video for i-D magazine and admitted a seductive Santa Claus outfit is her secret weapon under the mistletoe.

Answering a fan's query about what to wear on Christmas Day, Daisy replied: ''Sexy Mamma Claus is always a good way to go, and I'm sure [your boyfriend] would be delighted to unwrap you.''

The 24-year-old star - who is currently single - confessed she would most like to meet Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard under the mistletoe.

She said: ''Alexander Skarsgard - because you know that hot, 'True Blood' vampire thing going on - I'd definitely be interested in seeing him under the mistletoe.''

The brunette also believes lingerie is the perfect present, but advised men to think carefully about what size to buy so as to not offend their other half.

Daisy mused: ''Maybe some underwear, so to find out her underwear size when you're politely taking it off one evening, just take a look at the size, because the size is really important because you don't want to get ill-fitting underwear because that will make her feel rubbish.''