Daisy Lowe is ''obsessed'' with cleaning.

The 25-year-old model admits she takes ages to be ready to go out because she spends so much time ensuring everything in her house is in order.

She said: ''I love cleaning so my hands get dry quickly. I'm really obsessed with cleaning, all my friends call me OCDaisy.

''I think it's from being a kid - I was always made to make my bed, which is a good thing but it really winds my mates up because it means it takes me ages to get out of the house. Tidy house, tidy head.''

Daisy has a string of famous friends and despite her own stylish appearance, she always envies their wardrobes.

She said ''Alexa Chung always looks brilliant and her wardrobe is really fun to root through. Florence [Welch]'s is unreal as well, there's one shirt of hers that I always think about and wish I had. It's white silk with two neck tie things, a bit like a bow tie.''

And Daisy also steals items from her mother Pearl Lowe's wardrobe.

She added to Britain's LOOK magazine: ''I've stolen so many of her things - an amazing Rick Owens jacket, a Vivienne Westwood coat, Stella McCartney dress, loads of her 90s stuff and lots of her heels.

''She's half a size bigger than me so I can wear her shoes but she can't wear mine.''