The French have always been patriotic when it comes to music, and this year they decided to celebrate Bastille Day by having the French Army perform a medley of hits by electronic duo - and national heroes - Daft Punk, including the number one classic 'Get Lucky'.

Daft Punk at the GrammysDaft Punk at the Grammys

This year's parade in Paris was a thrilling homage to the musical act, and indeed French president Emmanuel Macron looked to be having a brilliant time as he grinned his way through the performance, while everyone else there danced and clapped along. The same can't be said for guest of honour and US President Donald Trump, however, who could not have looked less interested or more confused if he tried. Though he was probably under a lot of stress at the time, given the public's reaction to his attendance at the event.

Among some of the other notes we got from this unique medley were 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', 'Digital Love' and 'One More Time' - but Trump didn't seem to enjoy any of them. In fairness though, he was probably completely oblivious to the pop reference, if his team's old Tweets are anything to go by.

Media outlets were quick to dig out one particular gem of Sean Spicer, who, in 2014, Tweeted, 'Daft Funk - this is your 10 seconds in the spotlight - u r blowing it' during their Grammy performance. That's right. He called them 'Daft Funk'. And then went on to claim that he was a fan, but he didn't like their helmets and they needed to grow up.

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We are yet to hear what Donald Trump thinks of Daft Punk - perhaps he'd have enjoyed it more had he recognised what the band were trying to do. Nonetheless, we can't wait to see what this talented military band will pull out of the bag next year. A David Guetta tribute? Or perhaps Jean-Michel Jarre?