Hip-hop beauty Da Brat has strict requirements about the men she dates - they must be multi-millionaires with big penises.

The FUNKDAFIED rapper says she can't consider romancing a man whose light in the pocket or underwear.

She says, "I need somebody real, real sweet. Of course, the paper gotta be there. I can't be with nobody broke. (I want) multi-millions, baby. If I'm talking about getting in a deep relationship, I need to be spoiled. Let my cup be overflowing."

Of her potential suitor's manhood, she notes, "If it's too small... the situation won't even go down. I check the package before I get to it.

"I need to be impressed, I need to be wined and dined. So once it gets down to it - after we done courted and dated for a while - during the course of that time we've messed around, we touched a little. In the middle of touching and all that, you get to know what's down there. After one kiss from me, the soldier is stiff!"

And Da Brat, real name SHAWNTAE HARRIS, promises she'll be a worthwhile woman for any man who meets her approval.

She adds, "I'm every woman. I cook, I clean, wash the clothes, fold them up. Do the massages. I got the part a woman does."

09/02/2005 09:07