Rapper MR. Porter is set to launch a solo career after splitting from hip-hop group D12.
Mr. Porter, also known by his stage name Kon Artis, has become the second band member to leave the music collective following Bizarre's departure in February (12).
The Detroit, Michigan native announced the news with a series of posts on Twitter.com, which read, "I love every moment I have shared on this planet and with the people I shared it with I will always love the legacy I was apart off#D12. I got nothing but love for my crew I am growing and excelling as u should as an artist i hope you all support that!"
And the rapper, who plans to continue his professional relationship with D12 star and Grammy winner Eminem, wishes his fellow music collaborators the best of luck.
He adds, "We had a great ride! Love N light... Please let this not be a dark moment because I ain't (sic) angry or bitter I love D12 and the fans. I am happy and things aren't that serious, no loyalty has been compromised or friendships, this just me being a grown man. I am happy that I'm alive and able to continue what I was taught and share my creativity with yall (sic)!"
The star, who has produced a number of songs for Not Afraid hitmaker Eminem and rappers Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Busta Rhymes, is set to release his solo debut album, The Memo, later this year (12).