The female bartender who Cuba Gooding Junior had supposedly attacked during a late night bar argument has dropped all charges against the actor.
The Oscar winning actor apparently pushed a female bartender in New Orleans outside The Old Absinthe, the bar that she worked at. The whole fracas allegedly arose after the bartender threw out the drunken Cuba onto the New Orleans streets at 3am, after which the Jerry Maguire actor accused her of being racist and pushed her in retaliation.
Now it looks as though the Snow Dogs actor has been thrown a massive bone, as the managers of the bar have said that the bartender has decided not to press charges, meaning Cuba could get off scot-free reports Tmz.
According to the police report filed by the unnamed bartender Cuba had become irritated at a number of the bar's patrons who had taken his photo, which is around the time that the bartender gave him the boot.
Police rescinded Cuba's arrest warrant after he voluntarily visited the New Orleans Police Department, although he was issued with his summons to appear in court to answer to the allegations brought forward from the woman. However, it now looks as though these summons are no longer relevant to the actor as no further legal action is being taken given the retraction of the bartender's statement.