Tragedy has struck in Los Angeles this week with the sudden death of soul crooner Cuba Gooding Sr.. The 72-year-old musician and father of the Academy Award winning Cuba Gooding Jr. was found unresponsive in his parked car, though no cause of death has yet been confirmed.

Cuba Gooding Jr. snapped at Taboo premiereCuba Gooding Jr. snapped at Taboo premiere

The 'Everybody Plays the Fool' singer was discovered dead in his vehicle in Woodland Hills yesterday afternoon (April 20th 2017) just one week ahead of his 73rd birthday. While a cause of death is yet to be officially announced, authorities have speculated that an overdose of some description may be to blame.

According to ABC, he was found in a silver 2012 Jaguar (which some reports have claimed was registered to son Cuba Gooding Jr. and wife Shirley Gooding) around Ventura Boulevard at approximately 1pm, with Los Angeles County coroner's office revealing that a number of bottles of alcohol and some drug paraphernalia were also uncovered in the car at the time of his death. They will not know for sure how he died - natural causes still being a possibility - until they receive the toxicology report. Homicide was ruled out. 

The publication added that the Jaguar was seen parking at 3:30 am, while the 70s star was seen alive for the last time seven hours later. He was pronounced dead after paramedics arrived and failed to revive him later that day.

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While no official statement has been released from Cuba's family regarding the news, TMZ photographed 49-year-old 'American Crime Story' star Cuba Gooding Jr. in Toronto, Canada soon after he was informed of his father's passing. He is apparently there shooting 'A Life in a Year' alongside Jaden Smith, who the news outlet claimed was 'comforting' his bereaved co-star.

Cuba Gooding Sr. is also survived by his wife Shirley Gooding and three other children: rapper Omar, actress April and musician Tommy.