Actor Cuba Gooding JR had such a religious upbringing, his mother forced him to refer to Halloween as Hallelujah Day.

When he was growing up in his native New York, the actor was not allowed references to ghosts, ghouls or evil beings on 31 October, though he did go trick or treating.

He says, "We were a very religious family. We grew up Christian and my mom didn't believe in goblins and stuff, so when we went to doors we'd come with these little afros and little bags. We'd be angels or firemen, whatever, but not anything from the 'pen of Hell'.

"We'd knock on the door, and say, 'Happy Hallelujah Day.' She wanted Happy Hallelujah Day or she would whoop your a** for the grace of God. I was like, 'That's very contradictory, but okay. You're gonna beat us in the name of the Lord? Okay...'"

03/11/2003 13:40