Cuba Gooding Jr. saved a man set on fire at a party.

The 52-year-old actor rescued the host of the bash, a tech CEO, at his Bridgehampton home over the weekend, after his shirt was accidentally ''ignited in flames'' from a candle at a ''socially distanced Shabbat dinner'', the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column reports.

A source claimed that the host ''inadvertently set himself on fire'' and ''Cuba jumped into action hero mode and doused him with water in front of frightened guests, who applauded once it was clear the guy was OK.''

A representative for Cuba - who was with his girlfriend Claudine De Niro at the time - later confirmed: ''The back of the gentleman's shirt ignited into flames from a candle that he unknowingly leaned back into while the rabbi was giving the Shabbat prayer. The man started panicking and flailing his arms, and guests backed away from the victim -- except for Cuba, who ran to the gentleman and doused the flames completely.''

Meanwhile, Cuba is facing another allegation of rape.

Last month, the 'American Horror' Story' actor was accused of raping a woman twice in a hotel room in 2013.

According to a civil lawsuit filed on August 18, the woman - identified only as Jane Doe - claimed she met Cuba in a bar in Manhattan seven years ago and was invited for drinks at a nearby hotel.

The woman - who is seeking a jury trial, and compensatory and punitive damages - alleged that he removed her clothes in the hotel room and raped her twice.

The lawsuit claims she was left with ''emotional pain, suffering, and a loss of enjoyment and life''.

The star's attorney Mark Jay Heller denied the allegations.

He said: ''The allegations are false. It's an event that took place seven years ago.

''No complaint was ever lodged. We believe the allegations and the complaint will be dismissed.''

A week prior to the lawsuit, the 'Jerry Maguire' actor appeared in Manhattan state court and pleaded not guilty to six other misdemeanour charges of sexual abuse and forcible touching.

A woman perviously claimed he allegedly ''rubbed his groin and pelvis against her buttocks while he simultaneously grabbed her buttocks and breast with her hand'' in 2001.

And last year, Gooding - who has denied all charges - was accused of groping three women in 2018, and ''grabbing a woman's buttocks and breast and forcibly kissing her, inserting his tongue into her mouth''.

In December 2019, his lawyer said: ''Unfortunately, people come out of the woodwork, making false allegations against Cuba, as often times happens when a celebrity is accused by the District Attorney's Office in a Public Forum.

''The spurious, uncharged allegations offered by the District Attorney's Office are so ancient and outdated and lacking in details and impairs the Defendant from defending against them; thus, it demonstrates that the District Attorney's Office's motive in introducing these inflammatory, uncharged allegations is not for any probative value, but to merely gain an advantage against the Defendant and prejudice the Jury against the Defendant.''