Review of Alight Of The Night Album by Crystal Stilts

Review of Crystal Stilts album Alight Of The Night.

Crystal Stilts Alight Of The Night Album

Remember when The Verve first came onto the scene, the tunnel vision people out there that just winged and complained saying 'The Verve are just too depressing, why would anyone want to listen to them' Well before the demise of the band they released two epic albums (the first two). The point being that at times Crystal Stilts make The Verve's sound feel like S Club Seven, it is that intense.

Imagine yourself in a daze or just generally not with it, everything is like a hazy dream, then press play on your CD Player and listen to 'Alight Of The Night' to come from Crystal Stilts.

Lead Singer Brad Hargett own vocals that have not been heard since The Smiths and a certain young man (at the time) Morrissey, and like Morrissey his story telling through his singing is mesmerizing.

Every song does sound distorted, combined with feedback and dark hard hitting lyrics 'The Dazzled' immerses you into something that can't be explained you feel hopeless, you can't move because you don't want to move, you must listen on.

The band have even named a song after themselves, arrogance? Not at all, 'Crystal Stilts' is a track that shows you exactly what these guys are about, the thing is that there is no track on this album that stands out. The majority of the time this normally means it's a really bad record, but for Crystal Stilts it just means that the band have set such a high standard, they have managed to maintain it throughout the whole album.

Crystal Stilts will have their critics but that is because they have ignored everything in the rule book and re written their own. Well done to the boys for that.


Mark Moore