Review of Love Is A Wave Single by Crystal Stilts

Review of Crystal Stilts single Love Is A Wave released through Angular Records.

Crystal Stilts Love Is A Wave Single

In recent times, the resurgence of American bands - not least from the Brooklyn area of New York - with something more to say than 'look at the cut of my hair' has been quite phenomenal to say the least. Of those, no one has caught the eye (or ear) more than shoegaze/dreampop/psychedelic five-piece Crystal Stilts, and 'Love Is A Wave', their first release since their excellent 'Alight Of Night' long player broke earlier this year, is another step in a previously unchartered direction for the band.

Imagine The Strokes covering The Doors while an old Jesus and Mary Chain twelve-inch plays in the background; well there's no need to now because 'Love Is A Wave' manages to combine the three succinctly into one glorious two-minute pop song that in a sane universe would have Lady GaGa and her ilk scuttling for cover, such is its immediacy.

Not that Crystal Stilts merely stop there. On the contrary, as flipside 'Sugar Baby' pulverises its way through every decade of rock'n'roll from the early sixties to the present, Brad Hargett's increasingly distinctive vocal fulfilling every possible scenario yet strictly ticking the box that reads 'Now!' in an instant.

We could probably spend a whole day throwing superlatives at such insatiable pop perfection but we won't. Instead, we urge you to go, buy and see what all the fuss is about for yourselves.

Dom Gourlay

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