Glass left the electronic group in October (14) and Kath decided to continue without her, recently releasing new single Frail along with a statement which criticised his ex-bandmate's contributions.

Glass then hit back in a series of tweets defending herself and her efforts in Crystal Castles, with one message reading, "Manipulative statements about my contributions to the band only reinforce the decision I made to move on to other things."

However, Kath has now attempted to smooth things over by insisting he never meant to upset his old pal.

He tells, "I meant no harm to her, I was referring to her recent statements in i-D magazine that she left the band so she can finally 'be herself', she was 'living a lie' in CC and she was ready to 'own her own darkness'. I didn't belittle her or make any derogatory comments, I was acknowledging what she had already said herself.

"I wished her the best because despite everything, I'll always love her and sincerely want her to do well and be happy. I encourage everyone to anticipate Alice's solo music, I'm excited for it myself."