Actor Crispin Glover takes full credit for making his character in the Charlie's Angels movies so eerie - because he told the director to cut all dialogue.

WILLARD actor Glover, who shot to fame with a part in Back To The Future, spoke to Charlie's Angels director McG - real name JOSEPH McGINTY NICHOL - when he saw the original script for his character The Thin Man, and put forward a few changes.

The actor explains, "Originally there was dialogue written for my character and I didn't like it. I went in and met with the director, McG, and the producers, and when they asked what I thought about the role, I said I thought it would be better if this character didn't say anything and was a silent fighting entity.

"And McG, who's an enthusiastic kind of character, said, 'That's great! That's how we're going to play it.'"

01/07/2003 09:15