John Fogerty has relaxed one of the most infamous stand-offs in rock history - he has announced he's open to a full Creedence Clearwater Revival reunion.
Fogerty has been at war with his bandmates for many of the 39 years since he quit as frontman, and he refused to join them at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when the group was inducted in 1993.
But, in an interview with the Calgary Herald, Fogerty says that he no longer feels an intense bitterness towards bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug Clifford, who he sued in 1997 for performing under the name Creedence Clearwater Revisited.
He says, "Years ago, I looked at people and I was so full of some sort of emotion and I'd say, 'Absolutely not!'
"I have to admit, people have asked me more recently, and, even though I have no idea how such a series of events would come to pass, I can tell that there isn't the bombast in my voice, in the denial, in the refusal. It's more like, 'Well, I dunno.'
"Never say never is, I guess, what people tell you. In this life, all kinds of strange things come to pass."
Asked if a reunion is truly on the cards for the Bad Moon Rising hitmakers, Fogerty says, "If someone started talking I'd sit still long enough to listen."