Cream Ibiza 2006 - Review

Well; the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping almost daily here in the UK as we start the depressing slide into winter.


Over in Ibiza though it's closing party season and last week I went to check some of them out, but particularly Cream's closing party at Amnesia, near San Rafael, on the outskirts of Ibiza town.

Amnesia, as a venue, has a fascinating history. Starting life as a private dwelling dating back to the 16th Century it has undergone many transformations since becoming a meeting place for artists and free thinkers in the 1970's. The Rolling Stones and The Doors were early visitors and it is still remembered on the island for a performance Bob Marley gave there in the summer of 1978. It has been a discotheque and live music venue and since the early 1990's has been one of Ibiza's premiere clubs attracting not just clubbers from all over the world, but also the world's top DJ's. It has a feeling, an atmosphere, all of its own and a legion of fans who return year after year to experience its unique vibe.

Cream's association with Ibiza started in 1994 with a one-off party at Pacha and the following year weekly parties were held at Ku, which is now called Privilege. Amnesia hosted Cream for the first time in 1996 and has been its home ever since.

Anyone who has attended a Cream night in Ibiza, or indeed been to Cream in Liverpool or any of the Baby Cream bars opening now all over the country, will be aware of the passion for quality music that has been Cream's trademark since its inception. Their insistence on using only the world's foremost DJ's has kept them at the top of the league of great clubbing experiences, whilst other brands, such as Ministry of Sound, for example, seem to have lost their way and slipped down the road of commercialism and the easy dollar and forgotten that it's all about the music!!!

Goodgreef (who have co-hosted the main tent at Creamfields for the past 2 years) were doing their 2nd year at Amnesia in collaboration with Cream and they kept the terrace bouncing week after week.

This is simply a match made in heaven. Everyone I spoke to had nothing but praise for this partnership.. long may it continue!

Paul Flintoff, Daley Padley, Touche, and Switch were banging it out from 12 til 5.30 when Eddie Halliwell took over having already blasted the main room apart for 2 hours.

This year, Cream's 10th at Amnesia and 12th in Ibiza has built upon the solid foundations laid in previous years and been its most successful so far and the closing party on September 21st was, quite simply, the best yet and a total sell out.. even eclipsing the 10th birthday party which was some night in itself!

The main room kicked off at 12 with Gareth Wynn who is a regular Cream DJ who never fails to the time Eddie Halliwell took over at 2 the crowd was well warmed up and it just got better and better from then on.

I saw Eddie at Creamfields this year where he followed Paul Van Dyk and just ripped the main tent apart! I wouldn't have thought it was possible that he could top that night, but I was wrong. Tune after tune after tune, building up and smashing the place and the crowd apart - it was awesome to see and feel and be part of.

This time round Paul Van Dyk followed Eddie Halliwell and, again, I wouldn't have thought it was possible. Shows how much I know.. It's not for nothing that Paul is consistently ranked amongst the world's top DJ's vying for the top slot with Tiesto (who we all wish a speedy recovery, by the way).

It's hard to put into words just how this man can manipulate your head and your body when he hits the decks.. his sounds overwhelm you again and again and when you think he's gone as far as he, and you, can, he casually drops in another tune that just blows your mind away.

Spending 3 hours listening to Paul work has got to be the most intense clubbing experience it's possible to have and to have it in company with a crowd that were as up for it as this one was simply sublime.

Every year as Ibiza starts to wind down you hear mutters and whisperings about how this has got to be the last one. You'll hear how dance music is losing its edge and the ability to inspire and excite and how it's all getting a bit old hat now.

Well; I say to those people "Where were you on September 21st 2006? You obviously weren't at Amnesia for Cream's closing party."

Ian Russell

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