Peeples – it’s pretty much Meet the Parents, but funnier. We all know and love Craig Robinson from his role in the office, but lately the actor has been branching out onto the big screen with this and the upcoming James Franko apocalypse comedy (if that isn’t a genre it should become one immediately) This Is The End. In Peeples however, Robinson has a much more lighthearted part as Wade a ne’er-do-well entertainer of children, who is trapped for a weekend with the disapproving father of his high powered lawyer girlfriend. Sound familiar? Like we said, it’s pretty much the same formula as Meet the Parents. Oddly enough though, Robinson and co. manage to pull it off with enough humor and realism to make the characters seem plausible, but just absurd enough to be funny.

According to the film’s full title, it is a Tyler Perry production, but don’t let that put you off just yet. Tina Gordon Chism’s writing and direction bring to this an honesty and humanity, which make it truly watchable, especially with the addition of Robinson and Washingon’s undeniable on-screen chemistry. If you’re in for some easy viewing and a few cheap laughs right before the summer, then this might be for you. Peeples opens in theatres today, Friday, May 10.