Craig David was "in awe" when David Bowie gave him permission to sample 'Let's Dance'.

The Garage King used the 1983 classic on his 2007 hit ‘Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)’, and he was blown away by how "super humble" the late music legend was to accept the request as he could have easily said no.

He said: “I was in awe.

“It showed me as an artist he can still be really super humble with that and be like, ‘Yeah, I can forward this to you,’ rather than ‘No, no, no, no, no – you can’t touch any of this.'”

The '7 Days' hitmaker went on to hail the 'Starman' hitmaker as a catalyst for change in culture, just like the late Prince and George Michael.

He continued: “He was changing the culture, he was speaking his truth at the same time as recording amazing music, and there was just this full immersive love and respect for him as an artist; of what he created.”

Craig added to “I get that same feeling for what Prince was advocating, and what he was fighting for, too; in the same way with [what] George Michael was fighting for, too… It’s like you start to see these people left a lasting legacy.”