Craig David is gutted that he didn't introduce himself to Leonardo Dicaprio when he turned up to one of his TS5 house parties.

The 'Fill Me In' hitmaker has revealed that he spotted the Hollywood legend in the crowd at one of his TS5 gigs - which sees him simultaneously DJ, MC and sing - but he wanted to let the celebrity guests in attendance go unnoticed.

However, the 'Walking Away' hitmaker admitted ''Craig is now kicking himself'' that he didn't go over and speak to the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor.

In an interview with, he recalled: ''It was proper house parties, people would bring their friends and friends of friends.

''I remember one night DJ'ing, I was playing some tunes and I saw from afar someone that looked like Leo.

''I was like, 'Wow, that looks like Leonardi DiCaprio', but I didn't think too much of it.

''I wanted people to feel like they were at a house party and not feel like everyone would come running up to them.

''So, it wasn't until the next day when someone was like, 'Oh, you know that was Leonardo Di Caprio in your house', that I was like, 'Nooo.'

''Yup, Craig is now kicking himself that he didn't go over and say hello.

''Of all the people I would have liked to have gone up to, shook his hand and been like, 'Man, big fan', it would have been him.''

Meanwhile, the garage king's seminal LP 'Born To Do It' turns 20 this August, and he was due to embark on a tour to mark the anniversary, but it has been postponed until early next year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Referencing the album's track 'Time to Party', Craig had said: ''I can't wait to bring my live band and TS5 shows together for this special 2020 Arena Tour and given that it's 20 years since the release of 'Born to Do It', there will be some special surprises in there. ''It's Time To Party!''

The gigs will see the 38-year-old star fuse his live set with TS5.

During the lockdown, Craig has been sharing new music over on his Instagram, and debuted 'All That She Wants' produced by The Diztortion and 'Body, Soul & Mind' with rapper Goldlink.