Craig David wants fans to experience "musical healing" listening to his latest LP '22'.

Released today (30.09.22), the collection celebrates 22 years of the Garage King, and features the new song 'Obvious’ with Muni Long, plus the singles ‘DNA’ with Galantis, ‘G Love’ with Nippa, ‘My Heart’s Been Waiting For You’ with Duvall, and ‘Who You Are’ with MNEK.

The numerical title is not only a nod to the milestone, but has spiritual meaning, too.

He explained: “There's a spiritualism in the number 22 and what it represents. In numerology it's a very powerful number and in terms of angel numbers it's bringing balance and equilibrium to my life. We're in a world where there's a lot of me against you, and so it's bridging the gap.”

The 41-year-old star, who released his seminal debut studio album 'Born To Do It' in 2000, admits he still feels like he's just getting started in music.

The '7 Days' hitmaker continued: “My debut album is probably the most clear expression of who I am because it was my first outing – it's everything you are. So on this album there's that energy mixed with the wisdom and experience I can bring to the world. I've not mastered anything yet, I'm a newcomer still.”

On what he wants his fans to gain from '22', Craig added: “I want to raise people's vibrations. I want to give people a ‘musical healing’ without preaching or trying to tell people what to do.”