Craig David is in ''that place of loving music again''.

The '7 Days' hitmaker is heading back to the studio after his recent guest appearance with Kurupt FM on BBC Radio 1Xtra reignited his passion for music.

He said: ''I didn't expect it to turn into what it turned into. It was too much energy in there. Big Narstie was doing his thing with Stormzy coming through and Shola Ama sounded amazing. When I did the Fill Me In combo it was just something I thought would sound cool on the drop but then people went nuts for it.

''The comments have been so beautiful. I'm in that place of loving music again and not taking things too serious. To do something like this which is very off the cuff and to have such amazing love coming back - I haven't seen so much love like this since the day I was dropping Rewind.''

However, the 34-year-old singer/songwriter has no immediate plans to release any records but insists he doesn't feel any pressure.

He shared to Newsbeat: ''My thing is I just want to get it right. I've set such a benchmark. When you come out the box and you sell seven million records and you have songs like Fill Me In and 7 Days and Walking Away - that's what people expect.

''There was a moment where I bought into statistics. I bought into the charts and the records I was selling. I remember the first album doing so well and selling seven million. My next album did 3.5 million and I was looking at it like it was a disappointment. There are now albums selling 20,000 and getting number one.''