Review of All the way Album by Craig David

Craig David

Craig David - All the way - warner bros - Album Review

Craig David  All the way  warner bros - Album Review
Craig david

all the way

warner bros

Uk release date 8th august

Craig David returns with a track that suggests if it is not a monster hit we will have to re-invent the UK’s urban / R&B wheel. This is nothing short of a classic; Craig rejuvenates his career by returning to his roots with his co-writing partner Mark Hill. This has everything that the classics “Fill Me In”, “7 Days”, “Rendezvous” and “Walking Away” gave us. Classy production, well vocalled and the most important ingredient of all, a song, a real song, with all the breaks and adlibs in all the right places. This is the ultimate car accessory for driving

around in the sunshine we have currently been blessed with. It puts a smile on ya face no matter how down you are feeling. It’s hands in the air pure party biz that makes you want to sing-along to it and tap ya feet and or steering wheel from it’s first play. It is strong enough for the real urban head yet accessible enough for the masses, it is the perfect combination that can keep everyone happy. Not that it needed a remix but as ever Craig gives value for money on the remix package with the H-Money mix. This kind of record deserves your support don’t let the R&B scene down support it to the max Craig’s back and he his flying the flag and trust me it’s very red, white and blue.