Courtney Love's gay friends taught her how to be a rock star.

The Hole singer credits her homosexual pals with helping her learn how to dress well and have a commanding presence when she enters a room.

She told Gay Times magazine: ''When I was a kid I was definitely what you would call a fag hag because that's how I learned to dress and be extrovert and walk into a room.

''But at the same time, [musician] Julian Cope taught me a lot about that when I lived in Liverpool and he wasn't gay.

''I would say my freshman year of learning how to be a rock star was just hanging around drag queens, and my sophomore year was going to Liverpool and spending about two years with that crew of people and learning.''

Courtney - who was married to late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain and has battled drug addiction in the past - believes she is regarded as a ''gay icon'' because she is a survivor, and also knows how to ''clean up nice''.

Asked what makes her a gay icon, she said: ''I think it's surviving. It has to be. Surviving, and also the ability to do drag, to clean up nice. I might look like s**t this morning, but you know, I clean up nice.

''And also... I've done things other people can't do. I've crossed over, I've been a movie star, I've lived through all sorts of crazy things I shouldn't have lived through.

''I've had huge ups, huge downs, and I've landed on my feet. I think that's what qualifies you.''