Courtney Love has finally finished writing her memoir.

The Hole frontwoman originally planned to release 'Girl With the Most Cake' in 2013 but she has been "dragging [her] a**" on the book and it's taken until now for her and ghostwriter Alex Abramovich to finish work on the tome.

She wrote on Instagram: "Dude(s). I think I might have just signed off on my book…. After a fucking DECADE of dragging my ass (@abramovich.alex patience of a SAINT) @harpercollins don’t pop the champagne quite yet. “The sex work is in! The sex work is in”

"Yeah but the doll is on a FULL MEDIA BLACKOUT (quoting the great Del Rey genius “NO-ONE TELLS MY STORY BUT ME” motto. Bible)

"so #youwinsomeyoulosesome.(sic)"

Although the 58-year-old singer has finished writing, she warned fans they may still have a long wait to read the book because of supply issues.

She continued: "There’s a (no kidding) very real paper supply chain back up, so don’t ask me when (The important thing is that it’s good now.) (sic)"

Courtney - who has 30-year-old daughter Frances with late husband Kurt Cobain - explained the book will reflect on her "crazy luck" and she has "changed the phony rags to riches narrative" to tell the real story of her life.

She said: "Lots of what Alex calls my ‘Victorian adventures’ and I seem to have 29 lives counting. With crazy luck of being in the right place, right time (and sometimes way wrong!)

"Fun fact. I got into #benningtoncollege class of 1981, from a maximum security Juvie lockdown in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks @lilianolikwriter in advance for all the fact checking leads she’s already started, because no way is that going in without receipts.

"Lots more fashion too as I changed the phony rags to riches narrative to include my mothers/ families wealth. and My impossibly glamorous af grandmother who went to the Paris collections and would show me the boning and stitches inside of her balmains Chanel couture pieces etc. F*** an untrue narrative bc that’s what people ‘like.’ The truth is so much more fun, more rich, makes more sense. And there’s lots of rags too! Someone said “your class neutral like a Scottish brogue“ as I’ve been all the classes, sometimes simultaneously!

"Anyway. So far, so good. CIAO!(sic)"