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Frances Bean Cobain Pays Tribute To Father Kurt On His 50th Birthday

Frances Bean Cobain Kurt Cobain Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain has paid a touching tribute to her late father Kurt, on what would have been his 50th birthday.

The Nirvana frontman died in April 1994, with his death later being ruled as suicide from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, he was 27-years-old. Frances was just 20-months-old when her father died and is his only child with wife Courtney Love

Frances Bean CobainFrances Bean Cobain is remembering her father on what would have been his 50th birthday

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Meet Marc Jacobs' New Muse: Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain Courtney Love Marc Jacobs Kurt Cobain

Marc Jacobs has unveiled his latest fashion muse, 24-year-old Frances Bean Cobain.

Frances is the daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, who has also worked with the designer, starring in an advert for his Fall 2016 collection.

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Five Examples Of Pop Stars Becoming Authors

Morrissey Nick Cave Courtney Love Bruce Dickinson The Decemberists Leonard Cohen

Eagle-eyed indie fans will have seen the hilarious news that Morrissey has been nominated for the ‘Bad Sex Award’ by The Literary Review this week. His first fictional work ‘List of the Lost’, arriving two years after 2013’s notorious ‘Autobiography’, received wildly mixed reviews from most critics.

The nominated passage of ‘erotic’ prose contains the memorable phrase ‘bulbous salutation’. He may be lauded as the lead singer of The Smiths and as a solo artist, but it’s unlikely that his fiction will be remembered in quite the same way, if this is anything to go by.

However, success on the stage doesn’t necessarily preclude a rock star from enjoying successful pursuits as writers. Here are some other, more accomplished examples of rock stars writing prose instead of lyrics.

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Now, Why Did 'Sons Of Anarchy' Cast Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson Courtney Love

We already know that rockers Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love are two of the new faces on Sons of Anarchy for season 7 and creator Kurt Sutter has been explaining his decision to cast the musicians, at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverley Hills.

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson is to star in Sons of Anarchy season 7 [Getty/Frazer Harrison]

"I tend to do this every season, I like to do some casting that's a little bit outside the box, you know, from Stephen King to David Hasselhoff - we try to do stuff that's fun," Sutter said at the Sons of Anarchy panel.

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20 Years On, Kurt Cobain Still Has Something To Say About Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain Courtney Love

A note, discovered in Kurt Cobain’s wallet after his death, mocks the wedding vows he shared with Courtney Love. According to CBS, which has recently obtained the note, taken from Cobain's wallet when police arrived at his home on April 8, 1994, after Cobain fatally shot himself, the message has never been made public before. The network has not published the note in full as of yet, but reports that it was written as a mock wedding vow.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Cobain's suicide.

It is undated and written on stationary from the Phoenix hotel in San Francisco. Apparently it refers to Love as Cobain’s “lawful shredded wife” vwho would be "siphoning" his money for drugs.At one point he also reportedly calls her “a ***** with zits".

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Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy Theorist, Richard Lee, Files Lawsuit Against Seattle Police

Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Nirvana

Journalist Richard Lee, a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist, has opened a lawsuit against the Seattle police. Lee alleges recently published photographs taken at the scene of Cobain's death should have been made public before now.

The anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death has prompted a investigation into the case.

Lee believes Cobain was murdered although the general belief is that he committed suicide. There were numerous incidents throughout 1994 which suggested he was suicidal and he was hospitalised on more than one occasion. Lee's foundation for his belief in Cobain's murder rests on the Nirvana frontman's use of a shotgun and the three days between his death and the discovery of the body. 

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Jay-Z Sings Nirvana On 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' But Did He Get Permission?

Jay Z Nirvana Frances Bean Cobain Courtney Love

Jay-Z raps the lyrics of late rocker Kurt Cobain on new track 'Holy Grail,' from his forthcoming new album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'. The hip-hop superstar was granted permission to use words from Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit by Cobain's widow Courtney Love, who is notoriously cautious of requests to sample the band's work.

Jay ZJay-Z Sings The Lyrics Of Kurt Cobain On 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'

Jay-Z sings the lines "and we all just / entertainers / and we're stupid / and contagious," as the hook on Holy Grail, a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Though not verbatim, the words are similar to those on Smells Like Teen Spirit, when Cobain sings, "'Here we are now / entertain us / I feel stupid and contagious." Elsewhere on the track, Jay-Z references the late Nirvana frontman by name, rapping, "Momma please just get my bail / I know nobody to blame / Kurt Cobain / I did it to myself."

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Jay-Z Is Using 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Lyrics On New Album, Says Courtney Love

Jay Z Courtney Love Kurt Cobain Nirvana

Jay-Z announced last weekend that he is going to release his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, as part of a special service with smartphone manufacturers Samsung. He has so far been relatively quiet in revealing examples of what we can hear on the album, but one person who hasn't been so quiet is Courtney Love, who told the Huffington Post this week that the rapper will be using some lyrics written by her late husband on the release.

Love said that the rapper is intending on using some of Kurt Cobain's lyrics from Nirvana's most famous song, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' on an unspecified track. She told the Huff. Post, "I'm letting Jay-Z use lyrics-- [daughter] Frances would freak [if she knew this]. Jay-Z's huge and we're friends. I mean we're not besties or anything.... They [used the lyrics] without asking, which is kind of nervy but the business side has been taken care of so it's fine."

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be released on July 4 via an app available exclusively on Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung purchased one million advance copies of the album for its customers to give away with the app, a move which could have secured Jay with the number one spot on album immediately. Unfortunately for Jay however, it has since confirmed that those 'sales' will not count towards the Billboard 200 chart, as is the case in the UK and other charts across the globe.

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Courtney Love Bling Battle Finally Over

Courtney Love

It looks as though that Courtney Love Bling court case has finally come to an end. New York Post reveals today (February 13, 2013) that a confidential agreement has been reached between grunge rocker Courtney Love and the high-end jeweller Jacob & Co. The jewellers, which was founded by Jacob Arabo loaned Courtney over $100,000 of jewellery in 2010, to wear at a kids’ charity event, but they never received them back. Love maintains that the pricey gems were lost in transit.

According to Arabo’s attorney, Jeffrey Klarsfeld, the details of the settlement are being kept under wraps. Originally, Jacob & Co. wanted Love to pay $113,000 plus interest, to cover the loss, however a judge ruled that this price was unreasonable but said “The case settled confidentially and we can’t comment on it,” said Courtney’s publicist Steven Honig.

New York Post tried to talk to an employee at the jeweler’s East 57th Street store but they also refused to divulge any information about the case. What they did reveal though, was some details about their client list, which apparently includes Madonna, Kelly Osbourne and Sandra Bullock. The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out a $13.5 million necklace and said that that particular piece would definitely not be lent out. We're not surprised, after this two year debacle! 

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Lohan's Baby Brother Landon Major Says Hello To The World!

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan Courtney Love

Lindsay Lohan's baby brother Landon Major Lohan could end up looking very much like his famous older sister, if the first photographs of the tot are anything to go by. has the first images of the newest member of the Lohan family and young Landon is already sporting a head full of golden locks!

Michael Lohan's fiance Kate Major gave birth to young Landon on January 30, 2013 - incidentally, the same day that Lindsay was sweating it out in Los Angeles courtroom over allegations she had lied to police about a car crash last year. Her new baby-brother was born 7 pounds and 5 ounces, though it's unclear whether Hollywood star Lindsay has had chance to hold her newest sibling yet. As his daughter escaped jail, Michael was wife Kate the entire time and event cut the umbilical cord! A representative says the elder statesman of the Lohan family, fiance Kate and baby Landon are all doing just fine.

Just last week, it was reported how Lindsay was living back in her old teenage bedroom in New York, though now it appears she's moved into a far swankier abode. The building the actress is currently calling home is the former residence of one Courtney Love. A source says Lilo is living rent free in the building in SoHo, New York, which is also home to Lenny Kravitz, Nicole Kidman and Ben Stiller. It's valued at around $6 million, though Courtney cashed in back in 2006.

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In Light Of Courtney Love Covering Jay Z's '99 Problems': Five Most Unlikely Cover Versions

Courtney Love Jay Z Rolf Harris Led Zeppelin Manic Street Preachers Rihanna Leona Lewis Nine Inch Nails Sid Vicious Frank Sinatra Take That Nirvana

Courtney Love doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to cover versions. With her band Hole, she would often play a version of Guns N Roses’ ‘Paradise City’ that she would abandon half way through. Same goes for Depeche Mode’s ‘Hungry Like A Wolf,’ though the band did release a brilliant cover of Velvet Underground’s ‘Pale Blue Eyes,’ it has to be said.

When we heard that Courtney Love covered Jay Z’s ’99 Problems,’ though, we feared for the worst. And, sadly, our fears were confirmed. “This either sucks or it’s genius, I don’t know,” she said as she introduced the song at her impromptu Sundance Film Festival set.

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Hurrican Sandy Benefit Concert Pleases Everyone...Except Courtney Love

Courtney Love Sir Paul McCartney Dave Grohl

Though The Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert raised money for those affected by the super storm that ripped into east coast America as well as aiding the relief effort, the feeling of good will surrounding the momentous event wasn’t shared by everybody. No, you might’ve guessed it, Courtney Love wasn’t impressed by the ‘Nirvana reunion’.

It wasn’t really a reunion as such; sure, the surviving members of the seminal grunge members were all on stage together (that’s Dave Grohl, Kris Novoselic and Pat Smear), but they were joined by ageing Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and didn’t even play a Nirvana song, opting instead for a Grohl/McCartney-written track ‘Cut Me Some Slack’. And it sounded alright. No, really it did. However, what with Love’s bitterness at Grohl and her gradual loss of control over much of the Nirvana rights, she was never going to be the easiest to please – and true to form she wasn’t.

Love spent the time leading up to the show making jibes on Facebook, at one point writing “Paul better get earmuffs for the bassplaying is all. [It's] not exactly known for its brilliance." And when the performance itself came she commented briefly, "There it was. Uh it was bad." However, Love’s grumpiness aside, people were trumping the concert as a success, with a line-up including The Who, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton being hailed as “one of the greatest line-ups ever” by the Daily Mirror. Other stars performing included Mick Jagger, Chris Martin and REM’s Michael Stipe.

Nirvana Fronted By Paul McCartney - What Did Courtney Love Think?

Courtney Love Sir Paul McCartney Nirvana Dave Grohl

So, Paul McCartney joined the surviving members of Nirvana to perform a one off gig in aid of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which was hardly going to provoke a hostile reception right? I mean one of the 20th century's greatest musicians fronting a generation defining group that haven't performed together in over twenty years in the aid of charity, who could complain at that? Courtney Love (of course), thats who.

Kurt Cobain's widow is said to have been "not amused" following the gig, but was much more critical of the band (Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear) than she was of McCartney, especially so of bassist Novoselic, who retired from music following the parting of the band upon Cobain's death. She wrote on Facebook afterward, "paul better get earmuffs for th bassplaying is all... Uh it was bad."

Love was also critical of the idea that the performance was  being cited as a reunion at all, telling TMZ that her late husband was the "heart" of the band, and that Nirvana had in fact called it quits before his suicide, although, funnily enough, this had never come up before. She told the gossip site, "The only person that would be … with kurt as of june 94 … and would still be … was [second guitarist] pat [Smear]," before adding, "they broke UP."

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Courtney Love Is Against Paul McCartney Fronting Nirvana In Place Of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain Courtney Love Sir Paul McCartney Dave Grohl Nirvana

Courtney Love, Kurt Kobain's widow and mother of his only child, has expressed her distaste at the appointment of Paul McCartney to be the front man of a Nirvana reunion at the 12-12-12 charity gig in New York, on Wednesday. 

The show was all for charity, to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy, for Courtney Love, it's just not cool that McCartney has taken Kurt's place, reports TMZ. "Look, if John were alive it would be cool." She said. She also objects to the reference to the gig as a 'Nirvana reunion' because she says, without Kurt, it's not Nirvana. We can certainly see where she's coming from, but for a band as well loved as Nirvana, a 'reunion' regardless of its authenticity never stops being a tribute to Kurt and will always provide an arena for fans to remember him and the band.

McCartney, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have been 'jamming' together for a while in secret and have even written some songs together. Speaking to the audience at the 12-12-12 concert McCartney said: "Recently, some guys asked me to go jam with them... So I showed up, like you do, ready to jam. And in the middle of it, these guys kept going, 'We haven't played together for years.' So the penny finally dropped, I finally understood I was in the middle of a Nirvana reunion." Reports the LA Times.

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Has The World Gone Mad? Is Sir Paul McCartney Really Replacing Kurt Cobain In Nirvana?

Sir Paul McCartney Nirvana Kurt Cobain Courtney Love

Is Sir Paul McCartney really going to replace Kurt Cobain in a newly-reformed Nirvana?

Well, if you cast a glace over the online chatter today, you would certainly think that. It’s not strictly true, of course (is that a storm brewing, or the sound of the entire world breathing a massive sigh of relief?) but Paul McCartney will be joining the surviving members of Nirvana for a charity concert tonight (December 12, 2012) in aid of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We just hope that someone has sat Courtney Love down to explain the situation properly, before she gets angry, or confused, or both of those things.

According to The Sun, Sir Paul McCartney rang up Dave Grohl (who used to be Nirvana’s drummer before he promoted himself to the front of the stage with new band Foo Fighters), who asked if the former Beatle would like to “jam with some mates,” without really explaining who those mates might be. Sir Paul McCartney got together with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Nirvana’s occasional fourth member Pat Smear and suggested that they just make something up. McCartney admits to not really knowing who the other guys were and when they started saying how good it was to be back together, he says “somebody whispered to me ‘That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.’ I couldn’t believe it.” Somehow, we’re struggling with the image of Macca singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed they’ll be doing Beatles covers instead.

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Hit So Hard Review

Very Good

Hole drummer Patty Schemel's feisty personality infuses this fast-paced film, which not only documents her rollercoaster experiences with drug addition but also provides a lucid exploration of the Seattle grunge scene. Both aspects of the movie are fascinating, as the film is assembled with an energetic sense of humour and some startlingly intimate moments. But the level of detail sometimes makes it all feel rather dense to audience members who are unfamiliar with the music.

It's no wonder that Hole has been referred to as "the ultimate dysfunctional family"; the line-up has changed drastically over the years since Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson founded the band in 1989. They were introduced to Patty Schemel by Kurt Cobain, and later recruited bassist Kristen Pfaff to form their original line-up. In 1994, the drugs-related deaths of both Cobain and Pfaff, barely two months apart, shook them all to the core. Although they didn't stop their partying ways, and maintained their creative momentum with new bassist Melissa Auf der Maur. 

Subtitled The Life and Near Death Story of Patty Schemel, the film recounts events of these years through Schemel's eyes, infusing the film with her raucous wit. Extensive clips of Hole's mammoth 1995 world tour give a vivid look at their drug-fuelled backstage antics, while interviews with the bandmates and other musicians tell the story in as much detail as they can remember (there are some fuzzy memories, understandably!). There's also rare performance footage and personal home movies, much of which was shot by Love. A sequence featuring Cobain, Love and their daughter Frances is almost shockingly intimate, giving a flavour of how these people lived as an extended family.

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Trial Update: Was Sam Lufti Protecting Britney Spears From Paparazzi?

Britney Spears LYNNE SPEARS Courtney Love

Sam Lufti, Britney Spears’ former manager, has testified in his court case against the singer and her parents.

Lufti took the stand yesterday (October 22, 2012) and portrayed himself as a concerned friend, who doubled as Britney’s manager and denies that he failed to control the mob of paparazzi that hounded her during her breakdown.

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Britney Spears Ad: Just Who Does Britney Think She Is?

Britney Spears Madonna Courtney Love

The Britney Spears ad for her latest perfume ‘Fantasy Twist’ has been released online. But just who does she think she is, exactly? Well, if the ad is anything to go by, she’s doing a pretty nifty job of looking like a whole host of other female stars.

One of the more obvious comparisons can be drawn with Madonna, but hey, there’s very little that a female pop star can do these days without being compared to Madonna, eh? Somewhat more surprisingly though, some of the ad’s scenes show the ‘Toxic’ singer parading up and down a hotel corridor in a peroxide bob wig, eyeliner all over the shop and a tiara perched atop her head. Remind you of anyone? Yup, Britney Spears the X Factor judge appears to be channelling her inner grunge-era Courtney Love. We’re not sure exactly why she’s employing that particular image to try and promote a lovely fresh new fragrance. After all, the grunge scene was hardly founded on principles of sweet-smelling cleanliness now, was it? Or perhaps her new perfume smells like teen spirit?

Elsewhere, Britney just found out, on the latest episode of X Factor USA, that she’ll be mentoring the ‘Teens’ category. “Are you serious? Oh my God! That is amazing,” she cooed, making out like it was the best news she’d had in her entire career. Perhaps it was…?

Hit So Hard Trailer

Patty Schemel is known to many as the drummer in Hole from 1992 to 1996. Born in Seattle, she formed Kill Sybil at the age of fifteen with her brother. Five years later, she joined the all-girl punk group Doll Squad. In 1990, she was the first choice of drummer for Nirvana, after Chad Channing left the band. After Dave Grohl's audition, however, she became the second choice but after that, Kurt and Patty became close friends.

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Video - A Relaxed Courtney Love Poses To A Waiting Crowd - Marchesha Arrivals NYFW Part 1

Celebrity fans of the brand 'Marchesa' were seen arriving for their show at New York Fashion Week 2011. They included the editor of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, who walked into the building without acknowledging the photographers; the eccentric 'Hole' singer Courtney Love, who posed on the steps of the building and smiled serenely at the photographers; and 'Slumdog Millionaire' actress Freida Pinto, wearing a bright pink dress.

Anna Wintour was seen leaving the building after the show but once again she didn't acknowledge the waiting crowd.

Video - Lea Michele Poses For Photos - Celebrities Arrive For Alexander Wang Show Part 1

Stars arrive at the New York Fashion Week for the Alexander Wang show. In attendance are: singer songwriter Courtney Love and 'Glee' star Lea Michelle, who poses for photos with photographers and fans.

Fashion designer Alexander Wang is known for his edgy designs for women. His show at this year's NYFW featured clothes that were inspired by sportswear like tracksuits and tennis dresses. In previous years he has won awards for his designs, including winning the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Award for three years in a row

Nirvana Manager: Courtney Love Led To Band's Downfall

Nirvana Courtney Love Kurt Cobain Saturday Night Live

Danny Goldberg, former manager of Nirvana, has said Courtney Love was a toxic presence among the band.

Love married Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain in 1992, with the couple having a daughter, Frances Bean, before Cobain's suicide in 1994.

And according to Goldberg, Love had an instrumental role in Cobain's struggles with heroin and acted as the frontman's "mouthpiece".

"Courtney's very presence was a metaphor for the end of one era in the band's life and the beginning of another," he writes in his upcoming book Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock And Roll Business.

Goldberg discusses an incident in which he delivered money to the couple, believing they were about to spend it on heroin.

"The weekend in January 1992 that Nirvana did Saturday Night Live for the first time was a turning point that put into focus the heroin problem that was to haunt Kurt for the rest of his life.

"Courtney called me at home the morning the show aired," Goldberg continues in an excerpt, reproduced at, "and asked me to get Kurt $5,000 (£2,800) in cash so they could do some 'shopping'.

"I felt pretty uncomfortable as I delivered the package of $100 (£56) bills to her [Love] at the hotel," he explains.

"Abruptly, the dark cloud of drug excess had entered the band's life. I was confronted by the baroque facade of lies and the awful glassy-eyed deadness that regular heroin use provides."

Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business is released in the US on Thursday September 18th.

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Mayor Of The Sunset Strip Review

Like most viewers of his documentary Mayor of the Sunset Strip, director George Hickenlooper (The Man From Elysian Fields), doesn't seem initially all that impressed with little Rodney Bingenheimer. A small, black-clad moppet with a Monkees haircut, Rodney may be this legendary DJ for Los Angeles alt-rock powerhouse KROQ, but how cool could he be? Then there's that scene early on when Rodney's taking us through his house, showing his walls of framed photographs and letters, some quite impressive, when he gets to Elvis's driver's license. You can hear Hickenlooper stop short and ask, "What? How did you get that?" Rodney says off-handedly, "Oh, he gave it to me," as though talking about somebody loaning him a dollar, before tottering away on his little matchstick legs.

To look at the life of Rodney is to look at a near-complete history of several decades of music. A shy kid from a broken home, Rodney left Mountain View, California, for Hollywood in the early 1960s and never really left. Quickly making himself at home on the Sunset Strip scene, Rodney surrounded himself with every kind of celebrity, especially from the music industry. One interviewee after another comments on his Andy Warhol-like blank demeanor that allows the famous and talented to see reflections of themselves. But there is also an eternally childlike innocence to him that was quickly picked up on: Cher, who practically adopted Rodney for a time with Sonny, talks about how you could just tell that Rodney never wanted anything from you, just to be there and absorb the glittery experience was enough. There's a sense of a kid trying to make up for his own fractured past with a famous family, and also just looking for someone to take care of him.

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Beat Review

Judy Davis might have commanded the definitive Joan Vollmer role in Naked Lunch, but in Beat, Courtney Love makes a not-half-bad at reinterpreting the last weeks of her life before being accidentally(?) shot in the head during a William Tell parlor trick by her famed writer husband William S. Burroughs.

Set in broken down Mexico City, the film finds Vollmer receiving a visit from beat-heads Allen Ginsburg (Ron Livingston) and Lucien Carr (Norman Reedus). (Carr, a minor figure in beat history, was a UPI reporter responsible for introducing many of the beats to one another as well as inspiring Jack Kerouac to type On the Road on a roll of teletype paper.) Burroughs (Kiefer Sutherland) is off on one of his bisexual booty calls, leaving his wife to ponder whether she should stay with her philandering husband (being no faithful lap dog herself) or skip town and return with her two kids to New York with Lucien and Allen. (Her very short history should tell you which route she actually chose.)

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Trapped Review

When a screenwriter decides to write another, predictable ransom thriller, why is it always the attractive, rich families with mansions on lakes that become the hapless victims? In reality, stranger abductions hit all socio-economic groups, so why are the poor families in the movies immune? A more cynical take on the genre would find a meager family with such ransom obstacles.

In Trapped, the latest in this tiresome genre, the kidnappers' true motive is not greed, despite the fact that they request a ransom for good measure. Will Jennings (Stuart Townsend) is a successful anesthesiologist with a beautiful lakeshore home he shares with his gorgeous wife Karen (Charlize Theron) and their adorable little daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning). While Will is away at a medical conference, kidnappers Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon) and Marvin Pool (Pruitt Taylor Vince) quietly break into the Jennings' home and take Abby. Marvin leaves with Abby and Joe stays behind with the irate Karen to guide her through his plan. Meanwhile, at the conference, Will meets up with a third accomplice in the kidnapping, Cheryl Hickey (Courtney Love) who holds him hostage in his hotel room.

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Kurt & Courtney Review

A can't-lose premise about the "conspiracy to kill Kurt Cobain" gets mangled in esteemed documentarian Broomfield's treatment of the famed grunge hero. There's no resolution at all except for the not-so-stunning revelation that Courtney Love is a real bitch, and the filmmaking itself is so lousy that one can hardly believe it got released in this form.

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Trapped Review


Apparently not wanting to call attention to the fact that it's releasing a emotionally exploitive child abduction B-movie thriller at a time when AMBER Alerts are being issued almost weekly, Warner Bros. sneaked "Trapped" into theaters this weekend without holding any advance screenings.

This practice is usually reserved for pictures the studios are embarrassed to have made at all ("Pluto Nash," anyone?). "Trapped" isn't as bad as all that, but it is a film that has to get stupid -- really stupid -- in order to resolve its plot.

A rehash of Mel Gibson's "Ransom" with younger, prettier parents fighting back against their child's kidnappers, the film stars the luscious Charlize Theron ("Sweet November") and darkly charming Stuart Townsend ("Queen of the Damned") as a rich, happy young couple with a lakefront, Architectural Digest home but without much credibility as parents to a pretty 6-year-old daughter (Dakota Fanning, "I Am Sam").

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Man On The Moon Review


Seeing the biopic "Man On the Moon" is like being at a seance in a comedy club.

Director Milos Forman and star Jim Carrey conjure up the spirit of their subject -- Andy Kaufman, that most eccentric of professional oddballs, that patron saint of the practical joke -- with such effective Ouija-dom that at times is as if his ghost has taken over the film.

All the buzz you've probably heard about Carrey's performance is true. A Kaufman aficionado from way back, he does more than just mimic Andy's mannerisms and repeat his routines -- it's like Kaufman has slipped inside Carrey's skin (shall I compare thee to "Being John Malkovich"?) and won a battle for control of his body. There's still a wee bit of Carrey peeking out, but that sliver his own style serves to create a fascinating Kaufman-Carrey alloy.

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Hit So Hard Movie Review

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Hit So Hard Trailer

Hit So Hard Trailer

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Mayor of the Sunset Strip Movie Review

Mayor of the Sunset Strip Movie Review

Like most viewers of his documentary Mayor of the Sunset Strip, director George Hickenlooper (The...

Trapped Movie Review

Trapped Movie Review

When a screenwriter decides to write another, predictable ransom thriller, why is it always the...

Trapped Movie Review

Trapped Movie Review

Apparently not wanting to call attention to the fact that it's releasing a emotionally exploitive...

Man On The Moon Movie Review

Man On The Moon Movie Review

Seeing the biopic "Man On the Moon" is like being at a seance in a...