Courteney Cox has created a line of cleaning products inspired by cosmetics.

The 57-year-old actress - who is known for playing neat freak Monica Geller in sitcom 'Friends' - launched brand Homecourt this week, which features products usually made for domestic use but produced with skin care ingredients and fine fragrances.

She said: "We decided to make a beauty line for the home. I’m obsessed with design and my home, and I wanted the home to smell like something that I’d want to wear."

The 'Scream' star went on to quip that she was inspired to create the brand after spending so much time at home cleaning during lockdown and grew so used to the smell of traditional cleaning products.

Speaking to the WWD, she said: "During the pandemic, we were so used to the smell of Clorox, but then you’re like, ‘OK, we’re still at home,’ and I didn't want my house to smell like that anymore!"

Courtney collaborated with Nécessaire cofounder Nick Axelrod-Welk to create Homecourt, as well as perfumery Givaduan and Robertet who she says did a "really great job recreating her personal scent."

She said: "I use two oils and one perfume and I mix it together. We have an incredible perfumery, Givaudan and Robertet. They came up with exactly what we sent them as samples and it was great that we could accomplish that because how do you know that there are three different perfumes and oils that have so many other things inside of them? They did a great job recreating my personal scent."

Homecourt initially launches with hand wash, dish soap and surface cleaner and is set to debut a hand lotion in February, with a candle and room deodorant following in March 2022.