Cory Monteith's former band mates say it was a ''no-brainer'' to continue making music.

The late 'Glee' star - who died from an overdose in July - was the drummer in Bonnie Dune and his fellow musicians didn't want to end his vision by breaking up the group.

Bassist Joshua Kerr told MTV News: ''It was a no-brainer to push forward with the record.

''I mean, he was such an integral part of the writing process and the recording, and it was important for us because we had put so much into it to put it out and follow through with it.''

They will release a new EP entitled Miramar on February 4, and they have insisted Cory would have wanted them to push on despite his death.

Vocalist Justin Wilczynski said: ''It was always something that we were planning on doing anyways.

''We had a lot of plans this summer with Cory [before he died] as far as touring, releasing the EP, but we wanted to make sure we wanted to take our time to process everything and to do it the right way and not try to release something to capitalize on anything.

''And ... I don't know about you [Kerr], but I just always felt like Cory would want us to proceed.''