Max George has made a 'no sex' vow.

The Wanted hunk has pledged to give up carnal relations with other women during the band's upcoming US tour in a bid to win back his ex-girlfriend, 'Coronation Street' beauty Michelle Keegan.

A friend of the 23-year-old singer told The Sun newspaper: ''Max is serious about behaving himself - in real life and on his phone.

''He's been telling friends he wants to persuade Michelle to take him back and is dedicated to not having relations with any other women.

''It's not going to be easy while the band are on tour. They are constantly surrounded by women they're meeting for the first time but Max is committed to the challenge.''

The 'Chasing The Sun' hitmaker split from Michelle in July after he was pictured kissing another girl in a club.

The ladies' man was also accused of sending racy text messages to old flame Bobbi Aney, who claimed the pair had enjoyed a phone sex fling while he was in a relationship with the pretty soap star.

The couple had called off their engagement in April, but insisted they were still together.

However, newly celibate Max might have trouble wooing back Michelle since she recently commented: ''I'm sick of relationships. I don't want anything more to do with men.''