The cast and crew of British soap opera Coronation Street have been threatened with disciplinary proceedings after bosses discovered "homophobic remarks" had allegedly been made on the set.

Executives behind the popular Tv show have issued a memo to all those working on the series after they were alerted to several incidents in which anti-gay slurs were allegedly uttered in the workplace.

The note is addressed to "All Coronation Street Cast and Crew" and warns them they will face action if they are found to have been involved in "bullying or harassment".

The memo, obtained by Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper, reads, "We have just been made aware of several recent instances of homophobic remarks being made on the studio floor. We are sure that the vast majority of people working on Coronation Street find such behaviour unacceptable but we'd like to make it absolutely clear that this is completely unacceptable to us, and to the company as a whole. (British Tv network) ITv has a bullying and harassment policy which clearly states that such behaviour made lead to disciplinary proceedings."

A spokeswoman for the show says, "ITv takes the feelings of all employees extremely seriously. It was felt that this message should be put up as a reminder to everybody."