Theatre actress Sophiya Haque, who also appeared in Coronation Street, has died at the age of 41 after losing her battle with cancer. Haque was diagnosed with cancer before Christmas, as she was performing in the West End production of Privates On Parade, reports BBC News.

She was suffering from pneumonia and is understood to have developed a clot on her lungs. Her Uncle Syed Haque told the Evening Standard that she was "a loveable person and very beautiful," adding, "She has always been in the musical business and used to do ballet in her younger days. A few years ago she was involved in Bollywood dramas in the West End. She invited me a few times to go to see her but unfortunately I didn't have time. I actually didn't know anything about her illness until her death yesterday." Physically striking, Sophia was a popular stage actress, though played barmaid Poppy Morales in Coronation Street in 2008-2009. ITV said in a statement, "She was a vibrant and beautiful actress who was a pleasure to have around during her time on Coronation Street. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this very sad time." Born in Portsmouth, she moved to Mumbai in 1997 and starred in numerous movies. On her return to the UK in 2002, she starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bollywood-inspired musical Bombay Dreams. 

She lived in London with her partner, the musical director David White. The couple were in the process of building a houseboat when she fell ill over the festive period.

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