Corey Taylor thinks pop music is ''insulting to musicians''.

The Slipknot vocalist is annoyed that artists with ''more talent'' who get ''less attention'' are not getting the credit they deserve for their work, while pop musicians ''let a computer do all the work for them'' and has compared it to ''listening to a f***ing piece of wood''.

He said: ''It's so auto-tuned, it's so beat-corrected, it's so canned and processed and lifeless... I mean, you might as well be listening to a f***ing piece of wood at that point.''

He added: ''To watch these people basically let a computer go through the motions and do all the work for them, it's insulting to everyone out there who has more talent and less attention.''

The 'Wait and Bleed' rocker feels so passionate about his music that he says he literally ''bleed and dies for it every night'' and puts everything he has into being the best he can.

He told Kerrang! magazine: ''It bothers me, because I put so much into everything I do, I put so much into my music - I bleed for it and die for it every god damn night, you know?''