Those who love the '24' franchise were impressed to hear a brand new spinoff would be coming their way in the form of FOX series, '24: Legacy'. With Corey Hawkins leading the cast following his breakout role in the critically acclaimed film 'Straight Outta Compton', the show saw his character Eric Carter join the Counter Terrorist Unit in a bid to save America from a major impending attack.

The cast of the now-cancelled FOX series '24: Legacy' / Credit: Michael BeckerThe cast of the now-cancelled FOX series '24: Legacy' / Credit: Michael Becker

Unfortunately for those that did enjoy the show once it came to the small screen, it's been prematurely cancelled following its debut season. Hawkins' character won't be making a return, but producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are now reportedly in talks at FOX to reboot the '24' franchise once more.

Whether or not the series format is one that they'll try to encapsulate once more, or whether they'd be better suited moving to a different format - such as an anthology one like 'True Detective' or 'American Horror Story' - still remains to be seen. There's still always the chance that FOX could pull the plug on the property altogether, but following the love that Jack Bauer got in the original show, it's got to be hard for big bosses to push this cash cow aside.

At some point however, the network will be forced to cut its losses. If another reboot doesn't work, '24' may be something best left in the past. Especially if Kiefer Sutherland isn't willing to return for an event series such as '24: Live Another Day'.

Hopefully we'll learn more about the future of the '24' franchise as the weeks roll on, and whether or not FOX will order a new series or creative team to bring it back to the small screen once more.

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We'll bring you more news on any potential future '24' spinoffs as we get it.