Corey Haim, who died of pneumonia in March 2010, began feeling unwell during a game of Frisbee with his mother.
COREY HAIM, the American actor and star of 'Lost Boys' who passed away under unusual circumstances last year, fell ill during a game of Frisbee, his mother said yesterday (17th February 2011)Appearing on ABC's 'Good Morning America', JUDY HAIM said she and her son were playing Frisbee together the night before Corey died. During the game, a regular pastime of theirs, Judy said her son began to feel sick, saying, "Usually we play close to an hour, and we played for about 30 seconds, and he says, 'You know what mom? I'm not feeling well, let's go back,' so I thought he was coming down with something". Mrs Haim said Corey had a fever the following morning and that she began to take care of him, adding, "It wasn't anything at all that I would have worried about". However, the actor died in his mother's arms just a few hours later at the age of 38.
Despite Haim's much-publicised battle with drug addiction, his friend Corey Feldman denied that narcotics were involved in his death and his mother said that he was "doing fine", adding, "He was fully booked from his agent ... for 2010, he was doing amazing, he was merely sick that day".