Cookie Monster, everyone's favourite cookie-loving, blue furred hedonist, has dropped the song and video for his latest track, 'Me Want It' (But Me Wait)' - cover of Swedish duo Icona Pop's recent hit 'I Love It.' The video sees the member of the Sesame Street gang practising self-restraint in front of a big bowl of chocolate chip cookies.

"But now me know something//Self-control is something me must learn," he sings, "Me want it! But me wait." Seemingly, the track is being used to promote moderation and self-restraint where food is concerned, as America sees the number of overweight children rise in its obesity epidemic.

Listen To Cookie Monster Singing 'Me Want It (But Me Wait)':

There's been talk in the past that the cookie monster doesn't promote healthy eating amongst children with even the (false) rumour circulating in 2005 that Sesame Street creators were about to change his name to 'veggie monster.' Fortunately, Cookie Monster stayed the same snack-loving furball he always was and kids still maintained the ability to make healthy choices.

Cookie Monster

For a start, the famous phrase "a cookie is a sometime food" wasn't even said by Cookie Monster: Hoot the Owl sang it to him and Monster shouted "NOW is sometimes," grabbing and gobbling up the chocolate chip snack anyway.

Indeed, on Sesame Street's YouTube channel underneath the video it is explained that "Cookie Monster spoofs Icona Pop's hit song "I Love It" in this hilarious new video! Sesame Street launches its 44th season on September 16th, 2013 with a new self-regulation and executive function curriculum. Cookie Monster, the poster-child for someone needing to master self-regulation skills, attempts to explain these concepts while devising personal strategies on waiting to eat a cookie."

Sesame Street

The pronoun-confused fuzzball has proved himself to have a penchant - and quite the talent - for pop, having also covered Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' with his own 'Share It Maybe,' promoting the sharing of delicious snacks amongst children: "it's hard to look at// your snack baby//but you got cookie//so share it maybe."

Educational, hilarious AND delicious...Omnomnom!